2017-2018 Classroom Reveal: Travel Theme

It’s been a week into school and it’s time to reveal this year’s classroom theme. Those who have been following my blog –  a huge shout-out to my amazing 400 followers ❤ THANK YOU! – you already know that this year’s classroom theme is TRAVEL!

Obviously, inspired by my love for travelling here is a picture tour of my classroom.

As you can see, I kept my blue and white chevron theme, with yellow accents just because I find it so fresh and welcoming. I am still not bored with it after two years, on the contrary probably even more in love with it!

Welcome on board to the most amazing travel adventure! Whilst lining outside the door, after break times children’s imagination can be triggered with a simple yet effective way. This class door decoration has been made out card which has been cut out and stuck on with masking tape. It can be easily removed without damage and the pupils can’t wait to get inside. It really was super fast to make. You can get these fabulous International Passports from Twinkl, I am a huge fan – thanks Twinkl! ❤

This year’s reading corner has been decorated with our class novel in mind. In Year 6, our class novel is the all time classic ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’, by C.S.Lewis. Browsing the internet for some inspiration I came across this image of a lamppost which is what triggered the Narnia theme.

The lamppost is made from card and easily stuck on the air-conditioning plastic wire cover. Of course our reading corner wouldn’t be complete without the reading signpost, which I had made last year notice I had to change Narnia’s direction 😉 and the  super cute reading vintage map bunting  with the fabulous quote: Reading will take you places found on Ms. G’s Room 30 Blog! Thank you! 

To inspire and encourage reading, I also gave them some  travel-themed bookmarks, which can be seen and downloaded for free HERE.

The ceiling is decorated with DIY map bunting made from: maps, string and sellotape. I am really into bunting this year, I don’t think I can get enough of it! It’s hung between 3 inflatable globes I bought on Amazon,  and goes to the four corners of the room. 

Looking up, this is the result, from the middle of the room to one corner:

Notice the flight path..? 🙂

So there you have it in a nutshell. I hope you like it and it inspires you to create a theme for your classroom. What’s your classroom theme this year? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas. They are always appreciated. 

Our learning adventure has started and we can’t wait to take our minds to new places!

Till next time…



Travel Theme Classroom

Are you ready for a  year of learning adventures? Explore new territory and discover newly found land with this amazing, travel classroom theme!  Yes, inspiration has finally kicked in and I can’t wait to start jazzing up my room for my new pupils! Grab your suitcase, passport and get ready to take some snapshots of this year’s exciting journey! EXPLORING and LEARNING has never been so much fun! Let’s start our new travel adventure together!

This year’s classroom theme is inspired by my holidays and love for travelling. Why end the exploring  when it can be continued in the new school year with your pupils. I will keep the turquoise and yellow colour scheme as it creates a calming atmosphere within the room and matches with the furniture that is already there. A travel theme is hard to  to look more sophisticated for my Year 6 class, but that is my aim.

Click HERE to see my classroom travel theme revealed!

Till next time…

Halloween Classroom Decor

We are so ready for Halloween!  The children have been decorating the classroom and the atmosphere is haunting! 

saved you a spot halloween

Here is how it was done:

The classroom was decorated during our art lesson. We had four workstations each one working on a different Hallowe’en themed craft activity.
There was the bat station, mouse station, classroom ghost station and free drawing station. Each group had 12 minutes on each station and then had to move onto the next one. The children were allowed to pin their decorations around the room!

See the result for yourself!


What do you think of our spooky decorations…? 

Were you SPOOKED???

Till next time…


Classroom tour!

Collage front cover

School has started and I believe the time has come for a classroom tour!

The children absolutely love their classroom and I am soooo delighted because it has taken quite some time to get ready!
BeforeHere is my before photo, I remembered to take it after I had started moving things in so it’s only a small taste of what it looked like before, it was quite bare.

Book page wreathFirst off, let’s start with the classroom door. Here is a photo of my page wreath which I  made out of an old book, that had missing pages. It hangs on the door and was really easy to make. If you like it, see photo instructions on how I made it by clicking {HERE}. I just think it is so cheerful and welcoming! I’m planning to keep it up all year but updating it now and again by making small adjustments to it. Hint: Halloween is coming… Stay posted to see how it changes!

As you walk in, you see the reading corner. This year our school is putting an emphasis on the importance of reading. By having a special corner/nook/area in your classroom for just that, you can help to inspire the desire for reading for pleasure.

That’s definitely one of my goals this year!

Reading corner logo

The idea came from Pinterest of course. I made a sofa out of a wooden pallet and made crate stools, with my own personal twist. Recycling is the way to go! I also hung paper balls from the ceiling just to give it a more cosy feel. The kids find the reading corner comfy and I love it when they sit down and get engrossed into a book.

Next, is a photo of the back wall. It has a bookcase with all our books and a piece of furniture which stores card. I used the same material, as my reading corner, to make a curtain. I did this to hide all the ugly pieces of card showing. I used a DIY curtain rail made out of old poster hangers which sit on hooks stuck onto the piece of furniture.

back wall photo

The bulletin boards displays are temporary. They will soon be filled with children’s work and informative educational displays, which I will be sharing with you!

desk area Then we move onto the desk area, which has undergone a little redecoration since the sneak peek preview. This was because some changes were made to the room i.e. the installation of a new interactive board! YAYYY!!!! So things had to be moved around. Here it is, in it’s final version.

Learning goals

The display to the side is a Learning Goals display, which shows the learning objectives taught for the week. Here is a photo of it close up. For those of you who are wondering where I got the super cute letters from, they were bought online from http://www.schoolgirlstyle.com. Check it out, it’s a great site for teachers! The smaller board behind the desk will be for my notices, timetables, e.t.c.

side wall cropped human body
Moving along, we have the two side walls, again with temporary displays.

Drawer labels

And last, but not least, here is a photo of the front of the classroom.

Frontwall Quote

Of course, things will change. So stay posted to the blog! We’re in for a great year, filled with lots of exciting new stuff!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me what you think!

Till next time…
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